Pools are often places for bacteria and pathogens to hang out, and since so many people go into the pool on a regular basis, especially during the summer, it can allow the bacteria to attach to humans and get out of the water. So how are people still using pools if they know this information? Well, it’s because of the cleaning agent that cleans the pool out.

Most swimming pools pittsburgh pa use filters and chemicals to prevent bacteria and other germs from sitting in the pool for too long. The chemical is commonly chlorine, which is either poured into the pool as a solid or liquid. The element forms several chemicals when it reacts with the water, with the biggest one being hypochlorous acid. The acid kills any bacteria it meets in its path by tearing them apart from the inside out. Many pool owners add chlorine into their pool filters to ensure the water is kept clean at all times.

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They also add in stabilizing agents, because the one problem with pool cleaners is that they can become unstable when exposed to the sun. Since most people use the pool on sunny days, a stabilizing agent also needs to be added into the mix. Then the chlorine will become more stable and won’t break apart as easily when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The recommendation is that the pool should be cleaned and have its PH level checked around twice a week. If you aren’t using your own pool as often, make sure to have it cleaned a day before you use it, and then clean it before you store it away. Having a clean pool not only makes it more fun to play in but also allows for you to feel better about taking that quick dip inside.